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Even if defining the value is elusive, to my mind, Scots has value. I have no doubt that the more we lose it, the more we lose part of our character, our humour, our national identity. 

Favourite Scots Wirds Poll

Scots Leid Associe Kythes Results o Favourite Scots Wirds Poll an Flash Fiction Competition

13 June 2022

Life can be a scunner but ye’ve got tae lauch! On Seturday 11 June, the Scots Leid Associe kythit the results o their Favourite Scots Wirds Poll an Flash Fiction Competition. “Scunner” topped the poll o favourite Scots wirds, an Lynn Valentine from North Kessock was the winner o the fiction contest wi “Guid Tae Lauch”, a comical tale about infectious lauchter at seeminly inappropriate maments. The results were kythit on the day o the associe’s annual collogue, this year celebratin the 50th anniversary o the foundin o the associe an the furthsettin o issue 100 o the associe’s journal o Scots airts an letters, Lallans.

Well ower 100 people submitted their thochts on their favourite 10 Scots wirds. A braid variety o wirds were chysit. “Scunner” topped the poll follaet bi “drouth”, “jalouse” and “puggilt” in jint second place. “Blethers”, “crabbit”, “dreich”, “fash”, “forfochten”, “gallus” and “quine” were jint third, completin a tap 11. A lang group o wirds cam in at jint fowerth: “aiblins”, “bahookie”, “boak”, “breeks”, “coory”, “daunner”, “drookit”, “haar”, “hame”, “hirplan”, “hunker”, “keek”, “loon”, “pech”, “reek”, “shoogilt”, “skelp”, “smeddum”, “stoushie”, “stramash”, “stravaigin”, “thrapple”, “wabbit”, “wheen”, “wheesht”, “wisnae”. This taks us tae 37 wirds.

The neist set o words, tae tak us tae the tap 50 we promised ye are: “aabody”, “agley”, “aiblins”, “aisle”, “argbargy”, “auld”, “awfy”, “bahookie”, “baffies”, “bairn”, “bambaze”, “barkit” an “bawbee”. Ye can leuk maist o the wirds up on the online dictionaries o the Scots language (https://dsl.ac.uk/).

The judge, Dr. Fiona-Jane Brown, reportit that there were multiple braw entries, an there were monie contenders for winnin, makin judgin really deefeeckwalt. We’re siccar monie o the scrievers will tak turns at comin first in ither competitions! Fiona-Jane yaised verra braid criteria o yaise o Scots, skeel in hou stories were pit the gither an entertainment.

Entrants covered loads o different subjects, shawin the breidth o the leid an scrievers were amazin in grabbin readers’ attention an entertainin them.

The twa rinners-up were Jamie Purves, noo based in Truro, with “Kebbie” an Anne Jones o Musselburgh wi “Bones”.

The society are far fae scunnert wi the results an are lauchin aa the wey tae a guid future for the Scots leid.

Tony Beekman, comatee member, Scots Leid Associe

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