Wunnerland, Wunnerlan, Wonderlaand, Ferlielann, Wunnerlaun or Wunderlant?

Hoo monie owersettins o Alice is needit? Sax o thaim here!

Evertype Publications – Books in Scots

This weeyins’ furst readin book, furst publisht in 1910, is intendet fur early readers, an fur them that teach them. It haes a brev wee vocabulary o jest unner 300 wurds, an presents nine classic yarns: The Wee Rid Hen, The Ginger¬≠bried Weefla, The Oul Wumman an the Pig, The Weefla an the Goat, The Pancake, Chicken Little, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Wee Tuppens, an Wee Spider’s Furst Web.


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