Whit wid a ‘Board’ dae?

Aw Aboard! The fecht for the Scots language stairts the day!

‘Tae popular acclamation!’ Noo there’s a thocht tae quicken the hert. A roarin croud isnae jist for Hampden when we’re takkin oot a guddle o P.E. teachers an pairt-time posties; but the second tae last place ye’d expect yin (coontin the Mitchell Library an New Douglas Park on a Setturday) is shuirly an SNP conference meetin whaur a motion cawin for a Scots Language Board is due tae be proposed.

SNP conference delegates votit tae luik at the idea of a Scots Language Board – or “Board fir the Scots Leid” – similar to the Bòrd na Gàidhlig, but what would sic a Board dae? Thomas Clark has some ideas.

The Bòrd na Gàidhlig sets oot the template for whit an equivalent body for the Scots language wad an could be ettlin tae achieve. The lang, slaw deith o a language is a kittlie thing tae reverse, but the example of Scots Gaelic has makkit it gey clear that wi popular will an political capital – an a wee bittie money – the question is nae langer whether a language can be brocht back fae the brink, but how best it can be duin. An the three areas o public life a Scots Language Board will need tae get tae grips wi richt oot the gate are exactly the same three whaur Gaelic has cairved oot sic an inalienable place for itsel in modern Scotland – media, education, an the airts.

He isna that happy with the media, an overall the BBC; “the BBC hae an express responsibility tae mak shuir their ootput adequately represents Scotland in aw its diversity, which they hae signally failed tae dae. Ilka bairn that has grown up in this kintrae these past hunner years, hearin their ain language naewhaur but in their ain hoose an in the mockin tongues o teachers an politicians, has the BBC tae thank for thon”.

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