Whaur did the tairm ‘plastic Scots’ come fae?

Wha cam up wi the tairm ‘plastic Scots” that his lowert like a derk clood ower onie ettle tae big up the written forms o oor tung? Wha’s haudin the the smokin gun? Noo we ken.

The BBC.

Fae Colin Nicholson’s 2012 buik on Edwin Morgan.

A like the Macdiarmid poems fine but quaistion his legacie. The Lallans/synthetic/plastic Scots stushie seems tae hae bin a steek tae ding doon Scots fur twa generations or mair. Ye read aw the time (aften in academic texts an aw) that onie written forms is just ‘Lallans’-type haivers wi naethin tae dae wi the ilkaday spoken tung.

In the threid Caroline Macafee talked aboot Douglas Young’s 1946 “Plastic Scots” buikie (anent the stushie atween the BBC/Herald an Hugh MacDiarmid). Here it is, an no a bad read at aw.

 Young (1946) Plastic Scots

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