What is your favourite, er, “Scottish” word?

Scottish Scots

An fowk on the Scots Language Forum pit it, “Aince again, the BBC approaches language on the ae intellectual level as a tourist dish-cloot”.

Or a part of a greater English whole where Scottish words pepper the local variety thereof. Ay, the grammar, synax an eediom that the wirds is stappit intae is a kenspeckle bittie o whit maks a language. Houaniver, whan thae aspects o Scots is seen tae be muckle the same as English aw that bides is wirds.

It seems awmaist constitutionally incapable o thinkin aboot Scots in onie ither wey nor “Whit’s yer favourite wee wurdie, then, Scotties?” There’s naething wrang wi haein a leuk at individual interestin wurds. The problem is whan that becomes the sole or dominant wey o thinkin aboot a language.

CRABBIT fin yir bein snippy.


BBC Pish


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