Weegie wirds

Frae 2019 but postit the day on FB wi the thocht, “We’d say the vast majority of whats presented here is indeed Scots Weegie/Glesga/urban dialect.for an internet article from just 2019, on the one hand its a testament to the ‘aye bidin’ nature of Scots and on the other hand its interesting that “Scots” as a language isnt mentioned once. Only “weegie” and “patter”. Fid fer thocht. How is it possible to be so immersed in a culture/language and not even know it has a name/history(not slang), not even a reference to Burns (for starters)”

The Weegie Words: you help us list 100 words that prove you come from Glasgow

Happenin? You wint tae cum to ma bit cos I’ve goat an empty ra morra ‘n a fancy a swally? Did you understand that sentence? If you did, the chances are you’re from ma bit – Glasgow. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, I basically asked you how you are and invited you to my home for an alcoholic beverage.

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