Virtual Burns Nicht: Nae fond kiss

A strynge Burns nicht richt enough, but this wasna bad.

Oor Vyce Virtual Burns Nicht

Welcome tae the Oor Vyce Virtual Burns Nicht! We hae sic a braw line-up o spikkers, poets, sangsters an even a piper! 05:00 Piping – John Dew09:24 Address Ta…

Len Pennie stood oot, wi a vairsion o this, as pairt o her Reply From The Lassies.

Reflections- a poyum by Len Pennie

Another wee poyum about ma experiences on the internet. I had so much fun with this one, and got a wee bit emotional at the end. I get messages from young wr…

She didna dae this ane, but fine an relevant tae Burns Nicht, an ootstaunin an aw.

Address tae the Leid- a Poyum by Len Pennie

I love Burns’ work, and I wanted tae channel him fur this poyum. It’s a retellin ae the Address tae the Haggis, and I hope yous enjoy it.Love, Lennie. X

O coorse that wisna the ainlie shaw (no) in toon….

More than 300,000 people tune in to watch Janey Godley’s Big Burns Supper

MORE than 300,000 people tuned in from around the world to watch the first ever fully digital Big Burns Supper event. Comedian Janey Godley hosted the celebration, which saw special guest performances from musicians like KT Tunstall, Skerryvore and Dougie MacLean and more.

And some ither digital Burnsania…

Writer and presenter Alistair Heather reads ‘Tae a Haggis by Robert Burns

Writer and presenter Alistair Heather @Historic_Ally reads ‘Tae a Haggis by Robert Burns.#BurnsNightIn#ScotlandIsNow

Tam O’Shanter

A straight rendering of Burns’ poem to celebrate Burns Night. The few deviations from the received text are not deliberate. Any complaints should be made to …

Robert Burns: Do you know the Scots words in his drunken epic Tam O Shanter?

Described as a “great carnival of verse”, Tam O Shanter has been named as the favourite Burns poem among Scots in the past. Both funny and full of social comment, it also contains an unforgettable line from the Bard who at the time of writing was involved in love affair and had just come through a spell of bad health.

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