Usefu resources

Afore ye len a lug tae the haiverers deivin on Scots disna exist or is a dialeck or whittever, ae-twa things tae hae a keek at 

  1. – jist aboot awthing aboot Scots there.
  2. – a Czech academic linguist in 2013 gies an owerview o Modren Scots an English in Scotland.
  3. – aw aboot Scots grammar, Scots dialects, an a braw online dictionar
  4. – a 2005 gremmar o Modern Scots by a Gairman linguist Alexander Berg Jist ootstaunin, incluidin aw the modren linguistic studies in it – A doot naebodie’ll blether on aboot Scots bein a ‘dialect’ aifter readin this
  5. This will apen yer een an aw – a literary Scots gremmar, the Manual of Modern Scots frae 1921 – ay, near a hunnert year syne.
  6. – ye can buy a hard copie fae Amazon an aw. This is the foondation stane o aw Scots grammars.

Read these an mak up yer ain minds…

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