Twa-leidit fowk mair gleg-like

See, telt ye Scots speakers wis mair gleg-like!

Marco Cobra Cafolla haes a theory aboot this: “The reason Scots hiv been muckle contreibuters tae mankynd, is acause thon wha bide i the lawlaunds an’ the nor east o Scotland growed up learin’ baith Scots an’ Inglis as native tongues, maist o us wi’out kennin we war. Thon wha bided outside ‘at aurie in Scotland, Ah’ve been telt bi a body wha growed up thonner, hiv stairtit tae lear Gaelic in schuils alangsyde Inglis. Acause o thae reasons, Ah think fowk frae Scotland hiv, wi’out noticin, gat aa the propines that comes wi kennin twa o mair leids“.

Kinna like his thocht that bilingualism wis a muckle pairt o the floorin o Scotland’s culture in the 18t an 19t centuries…. A doot monie o oor muckle thinkers maun hae bin twa-leidit….

Bilingualism ‘restructures the brain’Our new research has now highlighted the structural improvements on the brain observed in bilingual people who immerse themselves in two languages. Bilingualism affects the structure of the brain including both major types of brain tissue – the grey matter and the white matter.

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