The Wee [Prince] Bairnie

Monie years syne A stairtit translatin Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince intae Scots, but nivver got roon tae feenishin it.

Strynge-like twa Scots owersetins kythed this simmer, by twa richt braw Scots scrievers.

Le Petit Prince is translated into Scots for the second time in two months

ANOTHER classic literary tale has been given the Scots treatment as Le Petit Prince becomes first The Prince-Bairnie, and then The Wee Prince. Though translated more than 320 times, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 150 million-selling tale, originally published in 1943, has never been translated into Scots until this summer.

If ye’r in Facebook ye can see a braw video o Derrick McClure readin fae his new owresettin o Le Petit Prince – The Prince Bairnie

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And here’s cleeks tae Susan Rennie’s vairsion. – Wee Prince published

The world famous Le Petit Prince was added to the canon of translation in Scots this week with the publication of a new version by Susan Rennie. Rennie is a former editor of The Dictionary of the Scots Language, co-founder of Itchy Coo Books, and has been gaining a growing reputation in recent …

The Wee Prince


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