The Ulster-Scots detractor

Ulster Scots Language Week, aimed “to raise awareness of the Ulster-Scots language”. The series of events prompted a backlash. One blogger published a curious series of posts listing the many ploys of Ulster-Scots ‘detractors’; Part 1Part 2Part 3. The “Ulster Scots is not a prize to compare with Irish. It is a load of nonsense, and everyone knows it” comes from a 2017 Irish Times article

For a flavour of some of the acrimonious background, try the Wilson Burgess letter to The Irish News  Insult to Ulster Scots dialect (July 22) followed by the response from Ian Crozier, the CEO of the Ulster-Scots Agency, Not for the first time Wilson Burgess is wrong on so many levels (25 July) and then the response to that Agency must be scrutinised for part played in Ulster Scots demise  (2 Aug).  The

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