The clock o inveesibilitie

Naethin agin the Gaelic (as aye) but this is 2015 fowks. Hoo can ye hae onie kin o airticle anent Scottish langage an apenlie owerluik the face that there anither minoritie lied in Scotland.

Mike Small ignores/pits doon Scots speakers’ linguistic identitie, lumped in here as part o a aw-jist-the-same Anglophone ‘monoglot culture’. Honest, is that still conseedert aw richt frae oniebodie wi a threip tae forder Scottish monie-lingualism?

Gael PowerBy Mike Small Scotland is a multicultural country where at least 160 languages are spoken. That gaelic should be one of them seems to irritate people at some deep level and they’re getting angrier about it every day. The week started with Kieran Andrews, Political Editor of The Courier, railing against the Scottish Govt launching a new…

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Bunnets aff tae Bella tho, aifter A commentit the same kinna thing (in English), they said
Fair enough – though this was specifically about the anti-gaelic outbursts. Like Macdiarmid and Maclean knew, it’s not either or, its both and many. I don’t and never have ‘disparaged Scots’ at all“.
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