The Bard is a brand

Gies 9 guid rizzons hoo Rabbie maitters yet,

  1. He brings us t’gither
  2. He was politically radical
  3. He loved the lasses, O
  4. He is an icon of Scots identity and culture
  5. He knew honest poverty
  6. He gets all ower the place
  7. He raises difficult questions
  8. He was a human for a’ that
  9. He was a genius writer

Why the Bard still matters

THESE days Burns isn’t just a bard, he’s a brand. Back in 2003 the World Bank estimated that Robert Burns boosted the Scottish economy by £157 million. SNP MSP Joan McAlpine, who wants the value-added figure of the Bard’s financial benefits to Scotland updated, says Burns the brand helps promote Scotland’s exports and trade links “around the globe”.




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