The apologetic apostrophe

Anther braw poster frae Indy Prints.

An apologetic apostrophe is a linguistic form of the Scottish Cringe that can be found in Modern Scots. It was introduced by Scottish writers in the 18th century, as part of a process of Anglicisation. Guid Scots words such as a, o, wi and gie, became a’, o’, wi’ and gi’e in order to be more acceptable to readers of English. It’s time we stood our ground against this unacceptable practice.

Indy Prints

A seys on FB: “Apostrophes cuid hae a role. Instead o fechtin aboot aa/aw, baa/baw etc, jist write a’ and ba’……. A’ll get ma jaiket. ?” Nae takkers for ma ‘Assertive Apostrophe’ campaign.

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