Teachin Scots in the English clessroom

Beyond Burns: Teaching Scots in the English Classroom

Join Laura Green from the Scots Language Centre for this free CPD supporting English teachers using Scots in their classroom. Joined by special guest, Bruce …

Here’s a richt braw video frae SATE (Scottish Association for the Teaching of English) pit oot last month. Laura Green frae the Scots Language Centre heids the 45’ online session an is jined by Bruce Eunson, the Scots Language Coordinator at Education Scotland. Topics: 1. What is Scots? (7:21) 2. Why teach Scots (10:22)? 3. Writing Scots at BGE – broad general education (17:36). 4. Reading Scots at Senior Phase i.e. set texts (37:56). 5. SQA Scots Language Awards (43:39). 6. Chat and useful links (46:34 on). For thaim interestit in teachin spellin (an wha isna?), hae a keek at 25:08 tae 32:05.

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