Gaelic vs Fife

Fife councillors want to keep close eye on Gaelic spendingCouncillors have called for regular monitoring of any costs associated with the promotion of the Gaelic language in Fife. While members of Fife Council’s environment, finance and corporate services scrutiny committee were assured by council officials that there would be no costs in excess of a recently received £12,000 grant, a consensus was reached that monitoring should still take place.

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£12,000 budget isna muckle. Aboot £9.43 a heid fur ilkane o the 1272 Fife Gaelic speakers. Sae whit’s aw the stushie aboot? Weel there 122,894 Scots speakers in Fife. A parity o traitment wid need a budget o, weel, £1,159,377…noo *thon*’s a problem!

Mibbie this isna aboot the Gaelic at aw…