Spotify recognises Scots

Following an open letter to the music streaming giant from the singer last year (see Spotify vs Scots).

Singer wins campaign to persuade Spotify to recognise Scots language for first time

Iona Fyfe, from Huntly, in Aberdeenshire, has persuaded Spotify to create a Scots listing after writing an open letter to the company in December which was widely shared on social media. She noticed Scots was the only minority language in Britain to be omitted by the streaming giant’s site, which had listings for Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Manx, Cornish and Welsh.

Scots language is fighting back from the brink and is now officially recognised on Spotify | Press and Journal

Generations of people across the north-east have grown up speaking in the Scots language which they have shared with their families and friends. They have read such renowned works of literature as Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon and taken part in ballad singing and other cultural activities.

Success for Huntly folk-singer Iona Fyfe’s campaign for recognition for her native Scots language by Spotify

HUNTLY’s award-winning folksinger Iona Fyfe is celebrating a major achievement – off stage. Ms Fyfe led a successful campaign to get Spotify to add Scots to its list of languages. Spotify is an online digital music service that gives subscribers access to millions of songs.

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