SLS tap 50 wirds compo

The Scots Language Society is holding a poll to choose the nation’s favourite Scots terms in honour of its 50th anniversary. Folk are asked to compose a short tale that includes all of their top ten terms in addition to listing their own.

Sometimes fowk dinnae realise juist hou mony Scots wirds they or their faimly or friens yaise. Dae ye naiturally talk o gaun hame tae the hoose? Dae ye mind o yer granny or granda maskin the tea ben the scullery? Are ye scunnert wi a crabbit heid-bummer o a boss ye cannae thole? Then the Scots Leid Associe wants tae hear fae ye.

We will collate abody’s chices o tap ten wirds an publish a list o the tap 50 favourite Scots wirds in time for oor 50th anniversary collogue (on Seturday 11 June 2022).

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