SLP: Next steps

slpThe Scottish Government says it will follow up the Scots Language policy by doing two things.

  1. Firstly, we will look to develop an Action Plan that will form an extension of the ‘practical steps’ section of the policy. This will involve consulting with relevant groups to look at what the Scottish Government can actively do to act in line with its policy.
  2. Next, we will look to develop a Scots Language Plan. This Scots Language Plan will form an entirely separate document and will provide advice for local authorities and organisations on how they can readily incorporate Scots within their daily activity. It will also encourage local authorities to develop their own Scots language policies and provide advice on how these can be structured. This Plan will be developed in association with key stakeholders and will go to full public consultation.

Photie o Alasdair Allan, Meenister for Languages (by Michael Hance)

Some comment from FB 
  • Lindsay Colin Wilson A read throu luikin for the bit whaur it says there’ll be Scots names on road signs an station signs. A culdna see it, unless it’s the bittie aboot “enhance the status o Scots in Scottish public an community life”. Pittin the name “Glesca” on a road sign wad be a revolutionarie step tho it’s ane they’r sweirt tae tak.
  • Clive P L Young Aw that blether anent roadsigns last week an naebodie mentioned Scots as faur as A mind. Here’s the thing, aince ye accep Scots shud be on signage the Gaelic argiement jist faws apairt (in the lawlans onieweys). Naebodie can thole thinkin aboot thon. Heids in the sand.
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