Shaetlan as a Language?

The Shetland dialect has aspirations.

For more on the Shetland is a language view, see…

As they put it

Da language plan sets oot whit wye Shaetlan’ll be promoted haemaboot, nationally an internationally. Hit’s aimin tae mak it normal tae hae Shaetlan on signige, tae mak Shaetlan a language fir teacheen, tae include Shaetlan idda neest Scottish census an tae kerry on wi celebratin Shaetlan as a minority language apø da international stage. De’ll be new education offers an resaerch projects. Firbye dat we’ll be wirkin tagidder tae mak new education mataerials in Shaetlan tae gie a haand in øsin Shaetlan athin sküls an idder education setteens. Da Shaetlan Language Plan’ll help Shetlanders keep a hadd o dir language, strenten dir language an promote dir language. Dis is connekit straicht up wi da UHI Islands Strategy enabling plan an it gings alang wi da National Islands Plan.

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