Scots wirds at schuil

Frae Jamie Fairbairn.

“Wirds important tae a bunch o dominies attached. So it proves Scots wirds are in the heids o dominies as weel as bairns. But sadly silenced day tae day bi some invisible Darth Vader pooer, makkin fowk intae pussy baudrin kittlins, ower feart tae use an celebrate five hunner years o their ain culture. Needin muckle mair Jedis tae spik an scrieve in front o bairns an ithers tae dee somethin simple – validate themsels and their ain culture, The fack that isnae easy tells a tale! Onywye, div ye ken aa yon wirds”.

Downloadable list compiled by Dr Fairbairn and the Scots Language Classes at Banff Academy.

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