Scots ‘top tips’ for teachers

4 top tips for using Scots language in the classroom

Student Len Pennie better known online as Miss Punny Pennie has become an internet star with videos that share a Scots language word of the day. One of her most popular videos, in which she recites her poem I’m No Havin’ Children (see below), has been viewed nearly 250,000 times on Twitter.

Len Pennie is weel kent for her viral video “I’m no’ havin’ children, ‘am gonnae hae weans”. Here she offers tips for teaching Scots.

  • Scots is a language – a modern language
  • Scots means different things to different people
  • Scots is one language, but with many facets
  • Scots should be fun

No gaunae argue wi onie o that….

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