Scots Pledge frae Oor Vyce

Oor Vyce is haes anoonced a campaign tae get Holyrood candidates fir the upcomin election tae the Scots Pairlament oan 6 Mey 2021 tae endorse a set o three principles in support o Scots gin thay ar electit as a MSP. The #Scotspledge! haes the slogan “Let’s mak the neist pairlament a Scots pairlament”.

Gin electit, Ah pledge tae:
• Recognise Scots an aa its varieties (sic as Doric, Shaetlan, Orcadian etc) as a legitimate leivin leid an tak tent o the needs o its spikkers.
• Heize up the profile o Scots in ma constituency, the chaummer, ma pairlamentary office an ayont.
• Gie ma support, in principle, tae the idea o legislative action fir tae proteck, empooer an promuive Scots.

This is ane of the first, Keiran O’Neill, Scottish Labour candidate for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn.

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