Scots Online

[Sent oot on the FB the day] Freens, A’m needin a haun. A bin thinkin (an haverin) aboot this fur a whilie, hoo tae bigg up Scots online. This wee presentation anent Hungarian, Occitan an Greek (nae sound, but disna maitter) gies a swatch at the kinna things we cud be warkin on. We ken there monie interestin things oot there but we need muckle mair. An shud be warkin wi ither wee tungs (tae get ideas an mibbies sillier). The Gaelic shuir but ithers ootwi Scotland an aw; Frisian, Occitan, Sardinian etc. Ae 2015 resolution is tae yoke tae a bit tie wi this; less bletherin, mair daein! Onie thochts?

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