Scots missin in the pairlament

Updtait ablow

Another article in the National an somethin that fashes me an aw.

“There’s bonnie pamphlets tae weelcome visitors in their ain languages fae Berlin, Lyon or New Delhi, but nae weelcome for you in your Mither Tongue if ye’re veesitin yer ain Pairlament fae Buckie, Lochgelly or New Cumnock.

Gang ben the Pairlament foyer, dauner through the gairden loabby, jink up and doon the public sterrs, gawp in awe at the vaultit ceilin in the debatin chaumer. Ony Scots language visible tae the human ee?

John Rebus couldnae find it’.

He’s wrang tho, ye can fin Scots on teatools an the like in the gift shop.

Fu airticle here:

Update 11 Feb

Mair on the subjeck here.

A Scots Pairlament?


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