First Scots Wikipedia Editathon

Wikipedia:E Scots Leed Editathon August 2020

(in Inglis) IF YOU’RE TAKING PART IN THE EDITATHON, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO “ENROLL” SO THAT WE KNOW YOU’RE TAKING PART. Note: Passcode is jamouvkh We’r an onwab group thit hiv got thegither tae sort oot aw the bad Scots Wikipedia airticles an tae help oot the site’s admins bi teachin thaim mair Scots.

Wis ainlie able tae wark on the Scots Wiki twa-day ‘editathon’ for twa-three oors the nicht. Gey interestin, tho. Loads mair tae be done.

Anent the Scots Wikipedia an Sunday’s editathon

Sae a thocht a’d gie ma pynt o view on aw ‘is, an ‘e story ahint whit caused iz tae stairt the editathon muivement an whit a hink anent the hale hing.

Thoughts on the Editathon by Cobra, the bodie ahint the ’E Scots Leed, the popular Scots Discord server. “A hink the society we aw bide in creatit ’e sítuation thit alloued ’is tae happen in ’e first place, an thae same fowk ur nou wheengin anent it. A howp whit’s happent is appenin some een an gittin fowk tae stairt takkin ’e language mair seriously, a mebbe mair will be duin tae help it an its spikkers oot”.

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