Scots is worth “hauf a Freddo bar”

Wha’s Like Us? Weel, No Catalonia

HAUDIN ma hauns up here, fowks. Aw this business aboot the Growth Commission? Wey abuin ma pey grade. Ah’m leukin at it an ah’m feelin like a dug that’s jist woke up at the controls tae the Millennium Falcon. Noo, dinnae get me wrang; the economic argiment for an independent Scotland is vital, an ah’m gled some bodies are haein it.

Thomas Clark reminds us that while the  Catalan Government’s annual budget for the Catalan language is  £13.50 per speaker, the Scottish Government spends 17 per speaker.. “Aye, ye read that richt. Ilka year, the Scottish Pairliament gangs roond every Scots speaker in Scotland an doles thaim oot a wan-aff peyment o hauf a Freddo bar”. He adds,

“In 2018-19, the total budget for the Scots leid will be £270k – aboot 1% o whit we’re spendin on Gaelic, 2% o whit we’re coughin up for the Royal Botanic Gairdens, an skimmins fae oor ootlay on netbaw, curlin, or snawsports. Ither kintraes dinnae jist spend mair siller on their ain leids than we dae – they spend mair siller on OOR leids than we dae. Northern Ireland, year on year, spends mair money on Scots than Scotland daes’.

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