Scots is ‘lazy English’

Patricia Watson OBE, who was a West Scotland candidate for George Galloway’s All For Unity anti-independence party in May, has described Scots as ‘lazy English. Responding to a tweet about Michael Dempster’s marvellous Scots language an accent – web version 1.0 series of videos on spoken Scots, Watson tweeted,

Pelters from Twitter duly followed. In the article below, Michael Dempster responded: “Lexical cognates are words which share an etymological origin. They often sound quite different in different languages, and may have similar, quite different, or even opposite meanings. Folk linguistics is the use of uninformed speculation rather than the scientific method.” Others were less kind; “Imagine being this ignorant and uninformed. Centuries of literary history all for Patricia to rubbish it away. England really did a good job of making so much of a nation internalise disdain of its own language and culture”.

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