Scots as a ‘social mechanism’

This wee scrieve frae the kenspeckle Marxist lang-heid Eric Hobsbawm (that deed yestreen) in the Guardian the day caucht ma ee.”The destruction of the past, or rather of the social mechanisms that link one’s contemporary experience to that of earlier generations, is one of the most characteristic and eerie phenomena of the late 20th century. Most young men and women at the century’s end grow up in a sort of permanent present lacking any organic relation to the public past of the times they live in.” It made me think aboot Scots, shuirlie ane o Scotland’s maist important ongaun ‘social mechanisms’ linkin oor current sels tae oor fore-fowk.

[Vocabular: scrieve – piece of writing, kenspeckle – famous, lang-heid – thinker, yestreen – yesterday, ee – eye, ongaun – continuing, sels – selves, fore-fowk – ancestors]

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