Scots and social media

Featuring Ashley Douglas, a multilingual writer and translator specialising in the Scots language and LGBT+ history (@ashdouglasscot).

It’s Ashley’s view that Scots can never be just a medium through which to communicate Scotland’s past, because Scots is Scotland’s past. Whole centuries of Scottish history took place in the Scots language; hundreds of thousands of Scots have lived and died and fought and loved in the Scots tongue. But Scots isn’t just our past. Scots, and Scots speakers, remain a crucial part of modern Scotland.

In this talk, Ashley reflectedon the unique role of the language in Scotland’s past, and how it is has a special role to play in communicating Scotland’s heritage today. She addressed some of the challenges that the writer of modern Scots has to contend with, and talked about her guiding principles when writing in Scots in a heritage context, including tips for using the language on social media, finding resources, and how to find freelancers.

Unfortunately this event was poorly publicised and not recorded. So might as well not have happened.

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