Scots and Gaelic discussed in Parliament

Stuart Paterson writes in the Facebook Scots Language Forum, “Whit braw tae see an hear Scotia’s ‘minority’ leids o Scots an Gaelic debatit yestreen in the Scottish Pairlement. Landmark stuff indeed, especially for ma ain Scots leid. Gey amazin contributions fae a wheen o MSPs fae richt across the pairties on an in baith leids. Rhoda Grant (Lab), John Finnie (Green) an Alasdair Allan (SNP) aw spoke on Gaelic wi Alasdair’s hail speech in his born leid. Peter Grant (Con) wis a hoot wi couthie Doric verses haein the chamber lauchin awa. Stewart Stevenson an Dumfries an Gallowa’s Emma Harper an Joan McAlpine made ootstaunin speeches heizin an celebratin Scots. Here’s the main pairt fae Joan’s braw contribution on hoo Scots is haudin furrit an makkin michty loups in aw the richt places – an her virrsome cry-oot tae aw for muckle, real support tae big on this richt noo”.

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