Scotch Menus

Daein the roons. Seems tae gang back tae a NZ advert frae 1922. A ship’s menu? Here’s anither frae 1888.

Had tae luik up some. “Trumlin Tam” is oniething in jelly. Mibbies pottit heid here. “Fars” a triangular oatcake. “Parley” gingerbreid biscuit “Saps” breid puddin an “Yill” ale, o coorse. Ither anes fowk micht no ken, “Bubblyjock” turkey, “Grozert” gooseberry, “Kebbuck” cheese. “Athol Brose” is a mixter o aits/oats, honey, whusky (aka “barley bree”) an cream. “Cuddle ma Dearie” wis whusky wi raspberry cordial. “Skeichan” a kin o strang beer or liquor.

Anither frae a St Andras Day denner in Dunedin NZ in 1898.

Seems this wis a kin o ‘set menu’ for Burns Clubs tae dae at the time.

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