Schrödinger’s Leid?


Frae Steve Murdoch, Professor o Historie, University o Sanct Aundraes.

“Scots is nae unlike Schrödinger’s Cat – a language at baith exists or disnae exist in the ae kist at the ae time – it depends on far ye bide, fit ye’ve read an fou open yer lugs an heid are tae learnin. Tae them at say there’s nae sic a thing as Scots, they micht try tae keik intae the kist afore they gie oot onie mair gypit haivers. For inside lies a thousan years o literature, scrievins, poetry an sang, forby screids an screids o research tae gie the leid the proof. Massie et al michtna like it, but that disnae mean it isna there. Nou the thing is, are they feart or sweirt tae keik intae the kist?”

Schrödinger’s Leid?

Tak heed! The jottins in aneath are scrievit in Scots – nae the Scots o the early makars, nor the Lallans o MacDiarmid. Gin it’ll gar ye greet gin this is nae the wey you’d scrieve it, or girn far …


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