Rabbie Burns – a video vizzie

Wi Burns Nicht near here, time tae redd up yer Rabbie-ologie, tae ‘bane up’ on yer Burns. Tak a keek at a fyow selectit cleiks fae the YouTube ye can git yersel up tae speed.

Got anlie twa-three meenutes? Tak a wee swatch at this rare wee cartoon.

Got a oor an a hauf? Dae yer dinger wi this no baud BBC documentarie.

In the 2009 documentarie Robert Burns – The Peoples Poet writer Andrew O’Hagan spiers whit maks Robert Burns ane of the warld’s faur ben makars. He stravaigs thru the launscape o modren Scotland in a poetic travail tae the airts that inspirit Burns and tae fin oot the tale of his wull and unco life.

Hap yer lugs roon Colin Morgan‘s bonnie YouTube playleet o Burns’s sangs

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Or jist lat Burns’s warks speak fur thaimsels

BBC – Robert BurnsAn audio archive of Robert Burns’s complete works, read by some of Scotland’s biggest names.

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via Bbc

Interestit mair in the langage issues? Check oot the pages o the Centre for the Scots Leid.

Scotslanguage.com – Scotland’s National BardWhether you regard the work of Robert Burns as sentimental or as genius, no one can deny his iconic status in the world. And thanks to him the Scots language has a familiar and…

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