Whan A wis at the scuil, ‘spare‘ wis a cowmon pit-doon, meanin ‘eejit’. 😉 Mibbie jist a local scuil wird, tho, no seen it in onie Scots (e’en slang) dictionaries. Checked on FB, guid tae hear ithers kent the wird an aw….no jist masel!

“Heard it used that wye in the Broch”, “Ireland haes it sicna wey an aa”, “aye meant tha same at my schule monie muins syne – if fact whan I blinked tha beuk cover I thoucht it was a spoof”, “I would still use it as a put-down… he looks a right spare in those flares… he has a really sparey haircut”, “Heard in Dundee with that very meaning”, “We wad say that. ‘Sparey’ as an adjective tae 😆 Meant a bit awkwart or unfashionable, I ‘hink, or eejit like ye say”.

Can we save Scots?

Dinna lat the kilts pit ye aff! 😆 No bad blether aboot Scots here.

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