Hame, projectit


Scots poet, Mary Symon’s muivin and dowie poem ‘Hame’, wis projectit across six sindrie kenspeckle Scottish landmairks to gie a lift tae Scots at hame and owerseas aboot oor naitional day – St Andra’s Day, Monday 30t November.

Shud BBC Alba mak Scots programmes?

BBC Alba should extend its remit to make programmes in the Scots language, a former leader of the SNP has urged. In a submission to the BBC Trust, which is consulting on the future of the corporation, ex-SNP leader Gordon Wilson said having a Gaelic language channel but no broadcasting in Scots was a “cultural flaw”.

Twa-three FB comments

‪Bärney Dëllar‪ Hmm, I’d rather see a dedicated Scots channel. Gaels fought long and hard to get BBC Alba, and we shouldn’t take it from them.

‪Danny McTavish‪ Gin thur wis tae be Scots leid programs, they wuild hae tae be a new remit fur the chainnel. Nae programs are braidcast in Inglis but thur are a wheen o fowk in the programs thit spik Inglis as they dinnae hae the Gaelic an thon leads tae sections whaur Inglis is the ainlie leid tae be heard. The mair fowk lairn Gaelic across the kintra, the less Inglis will be heard on the chainnel. The cuts at present are no helpin houwanivvur as its the maist Gaelic shows sic as dramas whaur the script is aw in Gaelic thit are maist likelie tae be effectit. Scots cuild be focused on aw the Inglis Scots chainnels and hae its ain remit fur a minimum percentage o braidcasts alang wae aiblins news coverage thru Scots.

‪Gabhán Ó Fachtna‪ Although people would of course get to hear it – not to be underestimated – putting Scots programmes on an otherwise Gaelic channel would probably not do anything to improve the linguistic status of Scots, since the news would likely remain in Gaelic. What is needed is a dedicated full-service channel for Scots that gets it out of the heritage ghetto. Calling Scots a language is like cutting the first sod when building a cathedral. Now there needs to be a policy follow-through.

‪Gabhán Ó Fachtna‪ Apairt frae onything ither, A think that Wilson’s unnerstaundin o a “chainel” is mebbe a bittie auld-farrant an analogue (nae jokes aboot analogue politeecians, mynd). A chainel nouadays is juist a place on the programme guide. Thay can time-share wi ither chainels on the ae frequency but aye still appear separate on the guide. The wey he haes it, wi awthing on BBC Alba, Scots coud anely be braidkuist whan Gaelic wisna on.

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