Wee Ginger Dug: Scots media ignores Scots (and much else)

The notion that there should be a national TV channel broadcasting in Scots, a language spoken by 1.5 million people, doesn’t even get airtime in a media and political class which is inhabited by linguistic illiterates who refuse to accept the fact that Scots is even a language.”



SLC ‘poleetical’ stushie

The Scots Language Centre was  accused of pushing pro-SNP propaganda on its website. One article for children on last year’s referendum said:

On that day 55 per cent of the registered electorate voted against independence, while 45 per cent voted in favour. Or, put another way, two million of the population voted against independence while the remaining three and a half million either voted for independence, didn’t vote, or never had a vote.

Cue usual fabricated “fury” from usual British nationalists.





SLR: Report fae the first National Conference o Education Scotland.

scotlogoThe topic wis ‘Scots in the Classroom’  – complete wi Scotland’s Minister for languages, Dr Alasdair Allan, launchin the Scottish Government’s policy for Scots Language.Wi’r spikkin tae Scots Language co-ordinator, Bruce Eunson and author/teacher, Mathew Fitt fa we met at the conference.


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