Orkney ‘Teu Neems’

From Jamie Fairbairn on Facebook: “Orkney Teu names – nicknames fer folk fae places, an nae aa that complementary. Prevalent in mony airts o Scotland, in the north east cried tee names, een fae my village o Fitehills bein ‘hairy bum’ – we dida ken them, but we did meet ‘buttery Annie’. Onywye, you can wirk oot filk places hae thon names, but some meanins are: Lyres (Manx Shearwater), Teeocks (lapwings, peewits), burstin lumps (clods o roch meal), yirneens (rennet), scootie (Arctic Skuas). Interestin that a puckle o thon names refer tae preferred maet labourers brocht fan they were wirkin on St Magnus Cathedral, so it gings hyne awa tae the past. A guid stimulus resource fer investigatin names an dialecks o Scots. Sources: Dictionary of Scottish Phrase and Fable, and www.orkneyjar.com

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