Open University launches Scots Language course

Open University launches first Scots language course

A new university course in the Scots language that is believed to be first of its kind has been launched. Developed over the past two years by The Open University (OU) and Education Scotland along with the Scots community, the free online course teaches the language through the context in which it is spoken.

The Open University in Scotland and Education Scotland has launched Scots language and culture. The 10 part course is aimed at  at “a broad audience ranging from Scots speakers, to people who want to find out about and learn some Scots, as well as teachers and other educators”. Two years in the making, it highlights the role of the language in the culture and society of the past and present. Learners will   will develop an understanding of:

the use and recognition of Scots in Scotland past and present

the history and linguistic development of Scots

the links of Scots with other European languages

the use of Scots in different literary genres and other art forms.

The first of its two parts is now available free on the OU’s OpenLearn Create platform, with the second set to go live by the end of the year. Dr Michael Dempster, Scots Scriever at the National Library of Scotland, called the course “a significant step forward in the continued recognition and understanding of our language”.

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