Oan behauf o the Scots leid

Oan behauf o the Scots leid: A Socratic dialogue

An “imagined” conversation… DUGGIE: Hey Shuggie min, ah hear ye’re no awfy happy aboot the wey Scotland deals wi the Scots leid. SHUGGIE: Ay, and it’s no juist aboot the low status o the leid, it’s aboot the weys we promote it.

In a ‘Socratic dialogue’ Rab Wilson links the poor funding of Scots to the difficulty of attracting you g people to the cause. “First, whit fir shuid Scots hae tae rely oan unpeyed labour whan the promotion o comparable European leids is rin oan a professional basis wi salaried posts? I hinna bin able readily tae obtain a mair up ti date figure, but the Romansch leid in Switzerland aroun 2002 wis fundit tae the tune o three million francs (thon’s gey near twa and a hauf million pund) – an thon’s sma chainge compared wi whit the Ulster Scots yins get. Scots in Scotland haes tae scrape by at best and haud annual bashes in dreich Kirk Ha’s, the whilk are chaip but they’re no gaun tae attract young fowk are they?” True that.

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