No to Nynorsk

Guid airticle anent Norrawey but fowk seem aye tae be luikin fur parallels wi Scandinavia whan there’s nane. Scots haes a written no-dialectical form gaun back hunners o years, a de facto longstaunin publisht stannart.

No kennin muckle aboot it thon soons mibbies mair like Bokmål, but monie fowk here’ll be mair enlichtent than masel…

A nynorsk for Scotland?With the Scottish independence debate we hear a lot about the Scandinavian connections and (dis)similarities. I do have my opinions on many of those despite being completely unqualified, but here’s one thing that strikes me and that I do know something about: how many people (apart from Guy Puzey and Øystein Vangsnes) have commented on the parallels between Norway and Scotland with regard to their linguistic landscape?

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