No standards myth again (sigh!)

Muckle admiration fur Matthew Fitt, but dae we hae tae keep on repeatin the auld haivers that

“For the hert o the maitter is we hivnae got ane. There is nae Standard Scots and there never his been”.

Here’s an aff-the wa idea.

Ye ken, a gallus thocht. Hoo aboot yaisin the dictionaries an grammars *we awreaddies hae*.

Ye ken, like the Essential Scots Dictionary (20 year auld) an the Manual of Modern Scots (near 100 year auld)?

Baith are based on wird leets an structures frae mair nor twa centuries o Scots literature. Needs a bit o reddin up but faur better nor bletherin on fur anither generation.


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