NI Census in Ulstèr-Scotch (Ulster-Scots)

The Census in England, Wales and NI runs from 20-21 March. There is a Ulstèr-Scotch (Ulster-Scots) version too.

Ulstèr-Scotch (Ulster-Scots) – Census 2021

Tha heid-coont onlie cums aboot yinst iverie 10 yeir an gies us a pictèr o aa tha fowk an hoosehauds in Norlin Airlann. Tha heid-coont axes aabodie tha same speirins aboot tha yin day- Tha Day o tha Heid-coont – Sawbith Day 21st Mairch 20an21.

Scots speakers are urged to declare their language in the Census.

Agency urges ‘if Ulster-Scots is part of who you are, say it in the Census’

That’s the message from the Ulster-Scots Agency, which says that Census Day on March 21 is a great way to “capture who we are”. The Agency is encouraging all local people who feel they have an Ulster-Scots identity to record it in the Census.

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