New Scots Language Policy

slpThe Scottish Government’s Scots Language Policy wis lencht wi the follaein aims:

The Scottish Government recognises that the Scots language is an integral pairt o Scotland’s heritage, national identity an current cultural life. The Scottish Government, wirkin wi ither pairtners in Scottish public an community life, will be guidit by the ettles ablow:

  • enhance the status o Scots in Scottish public an community life;
  • promote the acquisition, yiss an development o Scots in education, media, publishin an the airts;
  • encourage the increased yiss o Scots as a valid an visible means o communication in aw aspects o Scottish life.

In order tae further thir aims, the Scottish Government will endeavour till:

  • create awareness amangst aw stakehauder groups that Scots is ane o the three historical indigenous languages o Scotland and shuid therefore be affordit equal respect;
  • promote a coherent approach tae the planning, lairnin, teachin an assessment o Scots within the context o relatit national policy an the national Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) implementation plan;
  • provide access tae relevant resoorces whilk encourage the yiss an study o Scots within the framework o relatit national policy an the CfE implementation plan;
  • encourage aw stakehauder groups tae develop an implement Scots language policies;
  • continue tae provide support for organisations whilk actively contribute tae the preservation an promotion of Scots language; an,
  • encourage pairtnership wirkin atween aw groups an bodies wi an interest in supportin the Scots leid.

Normal-like nayseyin frae the British naithionalists. Scottish Tory MSP Alex Johnstone said: “This a predictable stunt from a Scottish Government more interested in pandering to patriots than improving education…It’s been well proven that our school children would benefit far more from learning international languages which could open all kinds of doors for them. That should be the focus of Scottish Government resources, not this.

The text o the policie can be doonloadit here.

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