O is for Hoolet

Wish I could get to see this!


O is for HooletLanguage is personal. Nothing gets closer to our hearts. And yet, by its own nature, it’s always social. Who owns it? Who appoints it? Who governs it? And why? In this one-woman show about the Scots language, Ishbel McFarlane presents collected fragments – stories, interviews, memories, characters and attitudes – to challenge and disrupt our expectations and prejudices about language.

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Here a review frae Joyce McMillan, but “…this almost-lost language”. FFS, t’s like the Census nivver happened.

Theatre review: O is for Hoolit, Arches, GlasgowTHE SCOTS language: we all know what that’s good for, don’t we? It’s for flyting, fighting, and low comedy; it’s authentic, gritty, unpretentious and funny, where standard English is smooth, bland, beautiful, and often designed to conceal rather than reveal.

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An anither ane, in Scots.

Review: O is for Hoolet, a play by Ishbel McFarlaneFernando McClurg pops doon tae the theatre tae see this play aboot the Scots language Lest nicht, the haill editorial staff o The Sair Fecht (aw twa o us) heidit tae Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre tae tak in Ishbel McFarlane’s O is for Hoolet, ane-wumman play aboot Scots.

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