New North-East Scots Language Board (NESLB)

In the absence of a Scots Language Board, a new body the North-East Scots Language Board (NESLB) has been launched, with representatives from Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen City and Shire Councils, Moray Council, and Angus. “The Board his been foonit tae reflect an uphaud this goal by promotin an developin North-East Scots as an integral pairt o the region’s heritage, identity, an cultural life. Steps maun be taen tae mak siccar that its use is normalised in education, the airts, media, an ither sectors”. 

North East Scots Leid Board on STV (Iona Fyfe – Bogies Bonnie Belle)

Elphinstone Institute

North East Scots Leid Board on STV

Scots language initiative hopes to celebrate our unique tongue

A NEW push is to begin to strengthen the status of Scots as two language bodies form a new advocacy partnership. The Scots Leid Board and the North-East Scots Language Board (NESLB) will launch their initiative at Aberdeen University on March 28, promising to be an “apolitical” voice for the promotion and protection of the medium.

Bella Caledonia also covered it, but this piece generated an interesting response.

North by Northeast

A significant new initiative is launched this week to support and develop the Scots language. On the 28th of March a new body will be launched to improve the attitude to, visibility and promotion of the Scots leid. The North-East Scots Language Board will have its official launch at the University of Aberdeen, the spiritual and administrative heart of the body.

Update:  In 2019, the Doric Board wis formally constituted, wi officers Frieda Morrison, Gordon Hay, and Fred Gordon, tae tak the mission forrit.

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