New course in the Doric

Evening classes in Doric as Scots writing revival blossoms

FANCY learning a spot of Doric? Furry boots? Aiberdeen Varsity. It’s better known for its schools of medicine, law or international relations. But now one of Scotland’s ancient seats of learning has launched evening classes in a language many of its scholars have derided: north-east Scots.

Aberdeen University’s Elphinstone Institute launches a 10-week series of workshops in Doric (Nothe-East Scots), to help both locals and newcomers to the region learn to speak – and more importantly – write in the mither leid. The Institute’s Alistair Heather said: “Whilst north-east Scots can be heard throughout the region, and can often been seen in signage or adverts, people seldom get the chance to learn it as a written language.”

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