Iochd! (Jings!)

Aye guid tae see a bittie o Scots-Gaelic thegither.

Lochd! Mo chreubhag! Dìgean mise! Oor Wullie’s adventures set to be translated into Gaelic – The Sunday Post

For the first time, our iconic cartoon character – or Uilleam Againne as he might now be called – has been translated into Gaelic. A new version of the Oor Wullie annual is set for release later this month. Gaelic publisher Cuilean Craicte spent a year translating some of Wullie’s classic strips.

According to one Scots Language Forum member, ”Jings”, “Crivvens”, and “Help ma Boab” ar aw whit they cry “mince’t oaths”, i.e. “Jesus”, “Christ”, an “Help me God”. Hou div they wark in Gaelic? Ar they mince’t oaths anaw? In the bygaun, A like Radio Cabrach’s minced oath, “God Aulmeldrum!”.

A Gaelic speaker also noted a mistake in the article, “I suspect “Lochd” is a confusion, and they meant “iochd!” (but just misread the capital I as a lower case l) — that’s *probably* minced (from “Ìosa” for Jesus)”.

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