Is Scots a ‘racist tool’

Ian Smart, a prominent Scottish ‘lefty lawyer’ (his Twitter description) made a bizarre assault on Scots in a blog post. He alleged that Scots had been confected and weaponised by the Scottish Government for ‘racist’ purposes, namely, to discourage ‘refugees with brown or black skins’ from settling in Scotland. According to the author, once associated with the Labour Party; ‘There is no such thing as “Scots” as a language. It is a dialect of English’. The post continued; ‘If you look at who promotes the idea of “Scots” being a language you quickly reach the conclusion that they are invariably white middle aged, and older, men on the blood and soil wing of the SNP’. A young female Scots writer, who had publicly expressed her disgust at these remarks was later called a ‘white nationalist’.

Smart’s original blog post.

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