Interactive Scots language map

The Scots Language Centre (SLC) has launched an interactive map showing place names in Scots. “Explore Scotland’s places in the names used by Scots speakers who live there.  Look at photos of Scots used around the country and make your own Scots place-name street signs”. Deputy First Minister John Swinney attended the launch in Perth on Friday.”The Scots language is an integral part of Scotland’s heritage, national identity and current cultural life, and the map will be a valuable resource for young and old alike to explore both locally and nationally in their mother tongue.” Dr Michael Dempster, director of the SLC, said: “Projects like these, and the purpose of the Scots Language Centre, is to help to raise awareness of the Scots language alive in Scotland, to preserve and expand the popularity and the appreciation for Scots. What’s critical is this is not a spoken map. These names are seldom seen written down and that’s what makes this project very special and very unique.”

The Scotsman’s coverage is below, pointedly categorised under Heritage and Retro>Heritage

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